Los Angeles, California

I have been browsing various shelters online, and I am disturbed by what I have found at Ramona Animal Shelter's website, as opposed to others. Ramona says dog adoptions are anywhere from 97+ dollars up to $400.

Why is that. At the Landcaster L.A County shelter, dog adoptions are at a little under $40 dollars. Why is Ramona Animal Shelter charging as much as 9 times more for adoptions? If the goal is to find homes for the pets, and not line the shelter's owners pockets with money, then they should state why they charge so much more!

I know the volunteers do a good job here, and it is not an easy place to work, but come on people, if you want to get them adopted, think of the animals first!

Don't make it so they are not affordable to be adopted.

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I feel the prices are extremely high also. $150 for a kitten! I want to give a needy cat a wonderful home, but when people are giving them away on craigslist for free before they go to the shelter, why not, especially in this economy...


:cry u guys r so mean i love dogs but u r right about the price. we geting a german sheperd :grin :?


Not to be too rude. But if you cant afford a 400, maybe you dont need a pet.

I keep finding lost dogs, no care given, and starved. Stop getting *** you cant take care of.


i noticed same thing on their website, and had concern mainly b/c no parameters were given as to what would cost 90 dollars vs. what would cost 470.

called and spoke with christina today and inquired as to cost for small adult dog. she responded that it is one price 97.50 and that covers everything, including a bag of food.

i think this is just oversight maybe due to info being old and not updated on website. going there tomorrow and will bring to their attention as i am sure rather than engage possible adoptees, it just alientates them