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I went in to look for our lost dog we saw one that looked just like it so we told the staff that we were uncertain they gave us a big problem and said that they would not give us the dog unless we claimed it as our own so we did and the same night we recieved him back he was already sick and now two days later they dont even want to help with anything they said that i did not adopt it therefore they would not pay for anything than to top it off they tell me just to give it back to them + they will not reimburse me a red cent so they are very cruel and not any help at all i strongly encourage anyone that goes over there looking for a pet to ask plenty questions and read the fine print because they are straight evil.

Monetary Loss: $275.

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I had a super experience adopting a little dog from here last year when I came looking for my stolen Yorkie at Ramona Shelter.


I think you, as the owner, need to be responsible for your pet. You lost the dog in the first place and then you were uncertain about whether it was your dog.

If you cared about your dog, why didn't you microchipped the dog? It is amazing that you wouldn't recognize your own dog! The dogs also get sick in shelters, just like people would on a bus or a classroom, but you want to blame everyone else for your own lack of responsibility and caring for your dog.

You are projecting your "evil" that you don't want to admit, on to other people! Wake up and take responsibility!


Possible yout dog could have gotten a bug from being on the loose.

@Loraine F.

When you have so many animals in one area, animals become infect each other with viruses an bacteria infections.


I hate this shelter. I adopted a cat there last week and its already dead.

On its paper work they gave us it said it was sick. After my husband called them twice and asked about it, they told us it was the person turning in the cat that was sick NOT the cat. Well, the cat died in arms two nights ago. I had to tell my children what happned to the cat.

I would never get an animal from this place. What they are doing is wrong, they are selling sick animals.

I hope they do go out of business. And as always the staff there are the worse most unfriendly people I have met.